Institutional settings can be some of the most rigorous in which to work due to security restrictions.

Institutional services
Institutional services
Institutional services

Anderson Piping’s team is well trained in working in educational settings near students, as well as facilities where high level security is required. Before setting foot in such venues, all employees undergo a rigorous security and background check. It reassures owners when they see Anderson Piping workers on site because their staff knows how to handle themselves, and can be trusted to act appropriately without fail.

Anderson Piping is fully equipped to perform any number of jobs in institutional settings, from running steam lines across a campus to geothermal installations, from pump setting to performing hot taps and freezes on large bore pipe. They have experience working in a wide variety of locations, and they know that being able to trust the people you have on site is a huge relief for owners and contractors.

Institutional Services

Some of the institutional settings in which Anderson Piping works include:

  • Dormitories

  • Hospital and Laboratory Facilities

  • Gymnasiums and Field Houses

  • Military Bases

  • Historic Buildings

  • Parking Garages